1. How To Post A Google Review

    Buzz Brite values the opinions of all of our customers. Our Kelowna and Vernon clients are encouraged to take a moment to review our cleaning services in order to help us improve them. When getting feedback, we give special attention to the privacy of our customers. We also respect their time. For this reason, we have made sure a reliable and simple review platform is available. Please open the f…Read More

  2. What To Look For In A Window Cleaning Service

    If you have recently moved your family into a new home, or if your growing business has recently taken up residence in a new facility, you’ve probably got a lot on your mind as you continue to get settled in. With any new building or home comes responsibilities that you never even knew you’d have to address. Window cleaning is one of those things you may not have thought about until now, but i…Read More

  3. Why Post-Construction Cleanup Is Better Left to Professional Cleaners

    When a building is newly constructed, it’s not like the builders are just going to leave behind a mess of dust, debris, spare nails, and random parts — cleaning up the mess is part of the job. However, every industry has its own professionals, and while we respect the hard work that construction workers put into post-construction cleanup, the reality is that their valuable skills would be bett…Read More