1. Keep your floors clean longer

    Everyone loves to see a newly cleaned floor. At Buzz Brite, we too have satisfaction when we look back at a job we have completed. But with time and use, floor will deteriorate and they will need another professional service visit. To help control costs, it is important to know how to keep the floors looking good longer. Is there anything you can do to prolong the clean look? Here are some tips yo…Read More

  2. Yellow floor stains

    Where do they come from? There are a few possibilities but the most probable involves your floor mats. Most rubber backed mats have antioxidants added to the compound. Over time and exposure to UV and Ozone, rubber products can break down (dry rot). The problem lies in that these types of chemicals are migratory and tend to leach into adjacent products such as vinyl. Once they migrate, they are so…Read More

  3. How to clean stainless steel – Brite Ideas

    Stainless steel is often stained with spot, streaks and fingerprints. Ironic? Maybe, but there is a reason it is called “stainless”. Thanks to a chromium oxide layer on the steel, stainless steel won’t rust or discolor like other kinds of steel. As scientific as that may sound, it still doesn’t solve our problem: We want our appliances to look great all the time, specially that fridge with…Read More

  4. Brite Ideas Series: Introduction

    This series is intended to share tips that can improve the image of your facility, as well the health of those that work there. How you can benefit: The best way is to follow us on any of our social media platforms. If you have any questions regarding the subject discussed, we encourage you to comment back. Do you think someone else would enjoy the articles? Share them. What would you like to kno…Read More

  5. Composting at work

    Composting usually is thought of as a suburban gardener's habit. But can office and commercial buildings compost? Yes, in fact they may be in the best position to do so. Why? Based on the Regional District of North Okanagan (RDNO) recent statistic 35% of our landfill is compostable organic matter. This means that a good part of the staff lunchroom garbage bin isn't 'garbage'. The 'why' should is…Read More

  6. When is the best time to wax your floors?

    Everyone would agree: Shiny floors look great year-round. Retail store owners and office building managers know the condition of their floors can impress and attract potential customers. But the opposite can also be said of scratched and stained floors. The question is, when is best time to wax your floors? To answer that question, it is important to understand why floors need waxed. People …Read More

  7. When is clean is not clean?

    This would make a good riddle if we had a witty answer. Still, you will want to know the answer since it can affect your heath and that of other around you. When walking into a spotless office building we feel in a clean environment. In fact, by definition "clean" means 'free from dirt'. Sometimes though a secondary meaning of clean is forgotten; a clean environment is also 'free of pollutants' (D…Read More

  8. Forgotten Spring Cleaning Tasks

    March 20th spring officially begins, marking the end of winter weather and the start of the green Okanagan landscape. For some though it means that spring cleaning has come around again. We normally have a standard list of tasks like window cleaning, carpet cleaning, and dusting of light fixtures. While these are important, here are three tasks you may not have done in a while. (Go Bananas!) - Ho…Read More

  9. Make your floor shine, longer

    When walking into a commercial building like a lawyers office or mall, we are often welcomed with a shinny clean floor. It has become an expected characteristic of a professional building. But for building managers and owners, it can be a costly investment. After refinishing (waxing) a floor, Buzz Brite team members are often asked what is the best way to care for the finished product. Here are so…Read More