If your business or commercial property has areas that are frequented by the general public, the task of cleaning is very important but may be difficult to keep up with. Courtyards, sidewalks, restrooms, and lobbies must all be kept free of dirt, trash, grime, and clutter in order to maintain a positive perception of your facilities – and by extension – your business or organization. However, keeping high traffic areas clean can be a demanding task, especially when you’re trying to run a business.

Buzz Brite Janitorial Services, Vernon’s Top Rated Local® commercial cleaners, can make sure your public areas remain clean and presentable so that you can focus on what’s really important. We can maintain spotless restrooms, collect garbage, and even power wash outdoor fixtures to make sure your facilities give your business or organization the best possible representation of professionalism and cleanliness.

A clean, natural public area is not only healthier for the patrons, but also better for the environment!  Keep your patrons and the general public focused on the finer aspects of your public area, not distracted by messes left by others. Vernon businesses are encouraged to call on Buzz Brite Janitorial Services for regular and consistent cleaning of their public areas.

Park, municipal, or public facility
Municipal or Private Facilities

We offer a variety of different public area cleaning services, including:

  • Garbage Collection
  • Sidewalk Cleaning
  • Power Washing
  • Bathroom Facility Cleaning
  • Site Entry Control (granting access to people that have scheduled events)
  • 24/7 Hour Cleaning Service

Overall, it is extremely important to keep your public area clean, not only for the city, but for the general health of the public!

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