Business leaders in Kelowna know there’s a lot to the phrase, “keeping up appearances”. A run-down, dirty building that’s been overrun with clutter does not make a good impression on potential clients or business partners, even if you are running a successful company. By contrast, a bright, spotless, well-maintained facility can create a welcoming environment that puts people at ease. The Kelowna team of Buzz Brite Cleaning Solutions is here to make sure your business or organization always makes a good first impression. While we have offered a all-in-one cleaning service in the past, in 2018 we decided to specialize in specific services that seemed to be lacking in the area. Thanks to our well trained team we are proud to be BC 2019 Top Rated Local® commercial cleaning services provider. Here are the service we have been known to deliver everyday.

Floor Care and Cleaning

Floors are one of the most noticed parts of a building. For this reason a clean and shinnying floor will cause the desired positive first impression when you customers visit your Kelowna location. The Buzz Brite team special enjoy serving our customer in this way as we love the before/after effect. Many of our floor cleaning jobs can be found on our Recent Jobs page

As with most things in life, regular maintenance will make your floors last longer and often reduce costs. For this reason we offer ongoing economic floor care plans customized to your specific buildings needs and budget. You will love how your floors will look!

Construction Cleanup Services

Construction contractors great beautiful buildings. To support our local Kelowna contractors, Buzz Brite offers professional construction cleanup services so that a clean and sparkling building is handed over the new occupants. Thanks to having a wide variety of services and ticketed team members we are able to offer a one-stop-shop to contractors.

Safety is always important, but specially when working at a construction site. For this reason The Kelowna Buzz Brite team are specifically trained for construction safety standards with, on staff first aid attendants and ticketed lift and fall arrest team members. Before each work day a safety meeting is held, documented and a copy of the documentation is shared with the contractor superintendent.

Specialized cleaning services

  • Food-safe and restaurant building cleaning
  • Fast-drying carpet cleaning, ideal for active hotels and strata buildings.
  • Odor and stain removal in carpeting
  • Sanitation cleaning services for food processing plants

The key to offering specialized service is to continually provide training and updated knowledge to our team members. For this reason, training is the foundation of all of our Kelowna division, specially for services in food-safe buildings. In 2019 the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification program has accredited Buzz Brite as a reputable firm. Are proud of what we have accomplished with the help and trust our customers have showed us. Thank you to all and welcome to Buzz Brite if you are reaching out for the first time.

Request a call back or give us a call using the links below. He look forward to talking with you 🙂