How it works

This online calculator allow all to plan for their floor restoration project. This may be part of your recurrent office or commercial building maintenance program or a one-time renovation project. After filling out the kind of service you wish to investigate and the square footage of your floors, an algorithm will send you an automatic estimate to the email you have provided.

Is the Instant Estimate exact?

We have made it as exact as possible to apply to the most common floor restoration situations, but there often is room for a lower price after we learn more about your project. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish an exact quote.

Will I receive junk mail?

No. We hate advertisement mail just as much as you do. The only emails you will ever receive from us will be regarding your current floor waxing, carpet cleaning or tile and grout cleaning project. No newsletter or promotions will be sent out after your current inquiry is over.

More quoting options to come.

We are continuing to improve our Instant Estimate feature by adding additional services like carpet cleaning, concrete floor restoration and rubber matting. Please contact us directly at the link below for quote for any of our other services.

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