In the upcoming days we will be visiting your location to refresh the look of your Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT) floors. We are looking forward to it! Before we get there, please take a look at the following facts you need to know. You can also contact us if there are any questions.

What is a Buffing service? After properly cleaning the floors, we will be passing a buffing machine that uses a high-speed soft pad to improve the image of the floors. We will not be applying new coats of floor finish (wax), but instead, bring out the shine of the wax that is already on the floors. (Learn more)

What will be required of the customer? Please consider these two points.

  • Removal of items off of floors: Please lift all the small objects like boxes, personal items, garbage bins and small furniture. We can work around larger items like desks and shelving units, but have in mind that the areas we don’t buff could stand out if the furniture is moved after our visit.
  • Interruption of business operations: The equipment used will create significant noise. So, please inform all the staff at your location of our appointment time so that we do not disturb any of your operations.

We hope to see you soon. Thank you for your business. Please reach out to us if there are any questions.

Suggestion: To simplify your planning process, we suggest sharing this article with all the staff that work in the areas to be serviced.

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