1. Plants Love Clean Windows

    At Buzz Brite Janitorial Services, we love houseplants, and so do many of the other residents of Vernon, BC. Plants can add so much to your home. They help to keep the air fresh by recycling the carbon dioxide we exhale and giving off oxygen. Flowers, foliage, and exotic plant structures add elements of beauty and fascination to our lives. And the act of cultivating, caring for, and maintaining pl…Read More

  2. Make The Most Of Your Office With A View

    The Okanagan is notorious for it's beautiful summers scenery. Do you have an office in Vernon with a view? Having an office with a view offers many advantages for the well-being of both you and your business. Personally, having an office with a view can have positive effects on your physical and mental health. Being able to glance outside, even for a short amount of time, allows your eyes and your…Read More

  3. Getting ready for your residential window cleaning appointment

    If you have an upcoming window cleaning appointment, that means you will soon be receiving our Top Rated Local® accredited cleaning service. Thank you for choosing us and trusting in our team. Before we arrive, here are three things to know: Preparing the area. Moving furniture away from interior windows or clearing lawn items from the exterior windows will be greatly appreciated. If you are una…Read More

  4. What To Look For In A Window Cleaning Service

    If you have recently moved your family into a new home, or if your growing business has recently taken up residence in a new facility, you’ve probably got a lot on your mind as you continue to get settled in. With any new building or home comes responsibilities that you never even knew you’d have to address. Window cleaning is one of those things you may not have thought about until now, but i…Read More