1. Forgotten Spring Cleaning Tasks

    March 20th spring officially begins, marking the end of winter weather and the start of the green Okanagan landscape. For some though it means that spring cleaning has come around again. We normally have a standard list of tasks like window cleaning, carpet cleaning, and dusting of light fixtures. While these are important, here are three tasks you may not have done in a while. (Go Bananas!) - Ho…Read More

  2. Looking for ways to serve better

    The service industry is focused around good "service" and not only sales. For this reason, Buzz Brite has made an effort to make our website practical for those looking for a new service provider as well as helpful to current customers. Do you have a question about our electronic invoices? Not sure how to prepare of an upcoming service visit? The answers of these and more are on our new Support Pa…Read More

  3. Why Post-Construction Cleanup Is Better Left to Professional Cleaners

    When a building is newly constructed, it’s not like the builders are just going to leave behind a mess of dust, debris, spare nails, and random parts — cleaning up the mess is part of the job. However, every industry has its own professionals, and while we respect the hard work that construction workers put into post-construction cleanup, the reality is that their valuable skills would be bett…Read More

  4. Where can I post a review?

    We are always interested in getting feedback from our customers. Did you receive the results you expected? Where we on time and did the cost match your budget? The answers to these questions help us to gadget our progress and set new goals. Please share your thoughts. If you are one of our janitorial, carpet cleaning, tile and grout or post-construction cleaning customers, we would love to hear f…Read More

  5. New office location to better serve the Okanagan

    All are welcome to visit us at our new office space in Vernon, located at 3200 27th Street. By moving out of our previous warehouse/office on Fairweather Drive, we have been able to better structure our teams to serve the entire Okanagan. Our new location will serve as our offices only, allowing for a quieter and more accessible location for customers and job seekers to visit us. Also our team mee…Read More

  6. Do overdue charges apply?

    As a small business we understand that cash flow difficulties are a realistic challenge in a business. For this reason, we extend net 30 or net 60 day payment options to customers that have a good credit record with us. If an invoice is overdue we will assist you in the following ways. 7+ days overdue: Our accounting department may contact you and ensure you have received the invoice and clarify a…Read More

  7. A Year of Five Star Reviews

    "Thank you to all our 2015 customers" - We can't think of a better way to start this article. It pleases us to report that all our 2015 online reviews reflect a 5 star satisfaction with our janitorial services...all of them! View our reviews We give credit to our loyal Kelowna and Vernon customers. The fact is that few companies give importance to supporting their service providers with reviews.…Read More

  8. Plants Love Clean Windows

    At Buzz Brite Janitorial Services, we love houseplants, and so do many of the other residents of Vernon, BC. Plants can add so much to your home. They help to keep the air fresh by recycling the carbon dioxide we exhale and giving off oxygen. Flowers, foliage, and exotic plant structures add elements of beauty and fascination to our lives. And the act of cultivating, caring for, and maintaining pl…Read More

  9. Customer information Form

    In order to ensure we have our customers exact billing and contact information we have provided this Customer Information Form. Who should fill out this form? All new Buzz Brite customers are invited to fill out this form. Some residential window cleaning customers may not be requested to fill out this form, as many sections would not apply. Benefits of using this form. ​We will be able to no…Read More

  10. Make The Most Of Your Office With A View

    The Okanagan is notorious for it's beautiful summers scenery. Do you have an office in Vernon with a view? Having an office with a view offers many advantages for the well-being of both you and your business. Personally, having an office with a view can have positive effects on your physical and mental health. Being able to glance outside, even for a short amount of time, allows your eyes and your…Read More