1. A modern approach to cleaning

    Cleaning is one of the oldest industries, as it has always be a need and always will be. Are industries like cleaning able to upgrade from its traditional tools? Yes, and at Buzz Brite we are constantly innovating and looking for better ways to clean. Here are three ways we are using the most of technology: Crew GPS tracking. Thanks to a scheduling and tracking program our Team Leaders and Manager…Read More

  2. Buzz Brite’s New Look

    We are excited to present our new Buzz Brite look!  Not only did we give our logo a happier look, most importantly, it better reflects our continued goal to deliver cleaning solutions that match the needs of our Vernon and Kelowna customers.  The new logo now displays the phrase "cleaning solutions". Previous Look: New Look: What does this mean for you?  Since our humble beginnings we have been…Read More

  3. Composting at work

    Composting usually is thought of as a suburban gardener's habit. But can office and commercial buildings compost? Yes, in fact they may be in the best position to do so. Why? Based on the Regional District of North Okanagan (RDNO) recent statistic 35% of our landfill is compostable organic matter. This means that a good part of the staff lunchroom garbage bin isn't 'garbage'. The 'why' should is…Read More

  4. Buzz Brite Cleaning and Above and Beyond Cleaning

    NEWS RELEASE - ONLY APPLICABLE TO VERNON: As of June 1, 2018 a portion of Buzz Brite Cleaning Solutions services will be provided by a new division of the company we are calling Above and Beyond Cleaning. This exiting change will provide our customers with added benefits as explained below. But first lets answer the questions most are asking themselves. How is Above and Beyond Cleaning? In May 201…Read More

  5. Electronic invoicing FAQ

    Starting January 2017 we have introduced an updated and interactive invoicing system that will allow our customer to easily lookup, pay and get answers to their questions related to their invoices.  To ensure this system is working for you, please find below tips and answers to frequently asked questions. New Feature! Easier way to ask questions about invoices. Now you are able to post private qu…Read More

  6. When is the best time to wax your floors?

    Everyone would agree: Shiny floors look great year-round. Retail store owners and office building managers know the condition of their floors can impress and attract potential customers. But the opposite can also be said of scratched and stained floors. The question is, when is best time to wax your floors? To answer that question, it is important to understand why floors need waxed. People …Read More

  7. Do we use green products?

    YES. Approximately 90% of our products are Green Seal Certified ®  or have the EcoLogo ®. Why not 100%? Our janitorial service and carpet cleaning services are almost 100% 'green', but our stripping and waxing services are still in transition. We have been testing some environmentally friendly options but have not been able to find an effective solution yet. While respecting the planet is imp…Read More

  8. When is clean is not clean?

    This would make a good riddle if we had a witty answer. Still, you will want to know the answer since it can affect your heath and that of other around you. When walking into a spotless office building we feel in a clean environment. In fact, by definition "clean" means 'free from dirt'. Sometimes though a secondary meaning of clean is forgotten; a clean environment is also 'free of pollutants' (D…Read More

  9. Payment Options

    If you are reading this article, you probably have already booked one of our commercial cleaning services. Thank you very much for your business! To facilitate your experience with Buzz Brite, please find below a list of payment options: ONLINE BUZZ BRITE ACCOUNT: Login to your online account and select the option to pay with credit card. CHEQUE. Please make all cheques payable to "Buzz Brite Jan…Read More

  10. How To Post A Google Review

    Buzz Brite values the opinions of all of our customers. Our Kelowna and Vernon clients are encouraged to take a moment to review our cleaning services in order to help us improve them. When getting feedback, we give special attention to the privacy of our customers. We also respect their time. For this reason, we have made sure a reliable and simple review platform is available. Please open the f…Read More