There are many carpet cleaning methods used by professionals, all of which have their unique benefits. In order to simplify our Team Member training process and still offer a wide variety of services to our customers, Buzz Brite offers two kinds of carpet cleaning processes. If you wanted to know more about how it’s done, you might find the following explanation interesting. If you just want to get it done, just contact us and we are “on-it”!

Residential Carpet Cleaning

  • Steam Extraction Van Carpet Cleaning. You’ve probably seen a carpet cleaning van before. There are usually hoses running from the van to the house where a person uses a wand to apply low pressure hot steam to the carpet while extracting the humidity with a thick vacuum suction hose. Here are some details you may not have noticed. Before extracting with the wand, a product is applied to the carpet allowing it to chemically react with the dirt and loosen any stains. Additionally the hot steam that comes from the van is a combination of water and another cleaning solution that softens and neutralizes along with other benefits. The neutralizing of the carpets is an important factor because it will avoid any left over soap residue from our current cleaning solution and even previous carpet cleaning companies that may have not followed this process.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

  • Steam Extraction Van Carpet Cleaning. The explination of how the hot steam, cleaning solution and extraction vacuum works is mentioned above. In the case of commercial carpets that receive alot of traffic, extraction is the best way to remove dirt.
  •  Very Low Moister (VLM) or Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning. This method is meant for light to medium dirt traffic areas of a building. Usually part of a recurrent cleaning schedule, using a VLM option allowes for quck drying and year around clean carpets. This option is best used before the carpets get too dirty. A floor machine called Cimex gently rubs in a cleaning solution that encapsulates the dirty to the surface to be vacuumed up when the floor is dry (usually within an hour or less). In the same way a magnet attracts metal, the solution makes dirt attract to itself and come to the surface.

As mentioned before there are many other option out there, and we are continually looking for better and more convenient ways of providing our customers with quality results. Where we able to answer your questions? Please contact us at 250-540-8716 if there is anything we can help you with.