Are you looking for a stable career? Are you hardworking, intuitive, a team player, adept, and have attention to detail? We may have a position for you!

At Buzz Brite Janitorial Services, we take extreme pride in what we do. We view our professional cleaning service as a craft.

All at Buzz Brite are Team Members, regardless their responsibility. Like we often say, “no one is above cleaning a toilet bowl”. Here are some possible positions that you could look into as they come available:

Job Wage What is Involved
Team Member Trainee Hourly wage + Benefits This is the exciting start of your career. Working alongside a Certified Team Member you’ll learn new safety and cleaning skills, or expand on those your already have. This position allow you to have a part-time or full-time flexible work schedule.
Certified Team Member Hourly wage + Benefits After having completed our training programs you will be more confident and capable to carry out a variety of cleaning projects.
Team Leader Hourly wage + Benefits  A Team Leader will have the knowledge and skills to work alongside the Operations Manager.
Managers Salary + Commission + Benefits  There are several manager positions in the company. These efficient, exemplary and honest people care for sales, operations and other duties.
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