At Buzz Brite Janitorial Services, we love houseplants, and so do many of the other residents of Vernon, BC. Plants can add so much to your home. They help to keep the air fresh by recycling the carbon dioxide we exhale and giving off oxygen. Flowers, foliage, and exotic plant structures add elements of beauty and fascination to our lives. And the act of cultivating, caring for, and maintaining plants can be deeply satisfying for those who choose to do so. Houseplants offer so much to improve our lives, and it takes only a comparatively small amount of effort to make sure they have everything they need for a happy, healthy life. But here’s one thing you may not have considered.

It’s no secret that plants love sunlight. Houseplants require varying degrees of light in order to sustain photosynthesis for growth and vital functions. While some plants can survive with minimal amounts of light, it’s the quality of that light that can make a difference. Plants that receive diminished sunlight can suffer stunted growth and may become susceptible to parasites. In order to ensure that your plants are getting the light they need, you should keep your windows clean and free of dirt, smudges, and streaks. Foreign particles on your windows will absorb sunlight from which  your plants would otherwise benefit.

To make sure your windows allow the most light through to your plants, enlist the residential window cleaning services of Buzz Brite. We’ve got the knowledge, skills, equipment, and experience to safely and reliably clean the inside and outside of your Vernon home’s windows. Let us take care of your window cleaning while you enjoy a home full of healthy, happy plants.