The Okanagan is notorious for it’s beautiful summers scenery. Do you have an office in Vernon with a view? Having an office with a view offers many advantages for the well-being of both you and your business.

Personally, having an office with a view can have positive effects on your physical and mental health. Being able to glance outside, even for a short amount of time, allows your eyes and your mind to refocus. It isn’t good to stare constantly at a computer screen for hours on end. Looking out the window gives both your eyes and your brain an opportunity to rest momentarily throughout the workday without completely abandoning your important work.

Professionally, holding a meeting in an office with a view is a great way to impress a potential client, employee, or business partner. A breathtaking view makes for a good ice breaker, and helps to create the perception of a successful business in the mind of the person with whom you are hoping to work.

All the advantages to an office with a view can be severely diminished without adequate window cleaning. Instead of enjoying a brief moment of escape from your work, your eyes will be blinded as the sun lights up all of the dirt and dust stuck to the window’s exterior. And rather than being impressed with your office view, a potential collaborator’s eyes might be drawn to the unsightly smudges on the interior window surface. With commercial window cleaning services from Buzz Brite, you can keep your office view as breathtaking as it should be. Contact us today!