1. New service area: from Enderby to Kelowna

    Thanks to our success in serving our Vernon customers, we have decided to expand our service area for office, commercial and retail cleaning services starting January 1, 2016. In order maintain the quality of our services during this expansion, special attention has been given to the training of our team. For more than 6 months now, all have worked on noticing even the smallest details, and follo…Read More

  2. Brite Ideas Series: Introduction

    This series is intended to share tips that can improve the image of your facility, as well the health of those that work there. How you can benefit: The best way is to follow us on any of our social media platforms. If you have any questions regarding the subject discussed, we encourage you to comment back. Do you think someone else would enjoy the articles? Share them. What would you like to kno…Read More

  3. Buzz Brite’s New Look

    We are excited to present our new Buzz Brite look!  Not only did we give our logo a happier look, most importantly, it better reflects our continued goal to deliver cleaning solutions that match the needs of our Vernon and Kelowna customers.  The new logo now displays the phrase "cleaning solutions". Previous Look: New Look: What does this mean for you?  Since our humble beginnings we have been…Read More

  4. The Advantages of VCT Flooring

    When it comes to large commercial buildings and institutions, there’s no doubt that vinyl composite tiles, or VCT, are among the best choices for flooring. VCT has a lot of advantages over other flooring options like concrete or wood, and if you are considering new floors for your Kelowna business or organization, you would be wise to consider it as a serious option. For one thing, VCT floors ar…Read More