1. 2017 Holiday Season Schedule

    It is always good to take a break and enjoy time off with family and friends. All of us at Buzz Brite wish you a happy holiday season. In order to better serve you during this time of year, please let us know what days your building will be closed for Christmas and New Years by filling out the form below. Thank you in advance.…Read More

  2. Building a successful 2018

    It is always a good time to set goals and improve. This applies to our personal lives and companies alike. In order to continue serving our customers to the best of our ability and adapt to their needs, we are setting goals for 2018. Please take a minute to let us know what you would like to see from us.…Read More

  3. Make your floor shine, longer

    When walking into a commercial building like a lawyers office or mall, we are often welcomed with a shinny clean floor. It has become an expected characteristic of a professional building. But for building managers and owners, it can be a costly investment. After refinishing (waxing) a floor, Buzz Brite team members are often asked what is the best way to care for the finished product. Here are so…Read More

  4. Our cleaning products

    A key component in a clean environment is the products that were used by the cleaner. Not all products are the same, specially when it comes to the variety of janitorial cleaning, carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning and floor waxing services we offer. As we transition to our "Going Green, for real" efforts (Learn more about The New Clean) our list of products is quickly changing. For this rea…Read More

  5. Getting ready for your residential carpet cleaning appointment

    You have setup an appointment to clean your carpets and the date is comming up. Our team is looking forward to see you soon. Before we get there, here are a few points that will help you get ready for our visit: Preparing the area. Most carpet cleaning quotes do not include moving of furniture. If you require cleaning done under your large furniture (like beds and sofas) we will be glad to consid…Read More

  6. Our Reputation

    Our team takes pride in their work and do their best to deliver professional results. This fact is often noticed by our customers and then shared in third-party review sites. If you are considering using our services you will find reliable customer feedback in the links below. "The best part of my job is when I hear a positive comment from a customer" - Brian Busby - General Manager Accreditation:…Read More

  7. Do overdue charges apply?

    As a small business we understand that cash flow difficulties are a realistic challenge in a business. For this reason, we extend net 30 or net 60 day payment options to customers that have a good credit record with us. If an invoice is overdue we will assist you in the following ways. 7+ days overdue: Our accounting department may contact you and ensure you have received the invoice and clarify a…Read More

  8. Where can I post a review?

    We are always interested in getting feedback from our customers. Did you receive the results you expected? Where we on time and did the cost match your budget? The answers to these questions help us to gadget our progress and set new goals. Please share your thoughts. If you are one of our janitorial, carpet cleaning, tile and grout or post-construction cleaning customers, we would love to hear f…Read More

  9. Do we use green products?

    YES. Approximately 90% of our products are Green Seal Certified ®  or have the EcoLogo ®. Why not 100%? Our janitorial service and carpet cleaning services are almost 100% 'green', but our stripping and waxing services are still in transition. We have been testing some environmentally friendly options but have not been able to find an effective solution yet. While respecting the planet is imp…Read More

  10. Looking for ways to serve better

    The service industry is focused around good "service" and not only sales. For this reason, Buzz Brite has made an effort to make our website practical for those looking for a new service provider as well as helpful to current customers. Do you have a question about our electronic invoices? Not sure how to prepare of an upcoming service visit? The answers of these and more are on our new Support Pa…Read More