We are excited to present our new Buzz Brite look!  Not only did we give our logo a happier look, most importantly, it better reflects our continued goal to deliver cleaning solutions that match the needs of our Vernon and Kelowna customers.  The new logo now displays the phrase “cleaning solutions”.

Previous Look:

Buzz Brite Cleaning Service Logo.

New Look:

What does this mean for you?  Since our humble beginnings we have been adapting to better serve our customers.  During 2015, this meant adding Educational Center, Construction and Public Facility cleaning services. Additional tasks like residential window cleaning are also offered now.  Since launching our FlexPricing model, many new customers have appreciated our efforts to adapt to their building operation budget.  These and other improvements made it clear to us that we are more than just a “janitorial” company. We want to continue to be known for our “cleaning solutions”.

Can we help you by providing solutions to your many cleaning needs? Are you currently using our services and want more information regarding consolidating multiple aspects of your building upkeep into one plan? This could reduce the time you spend coordinating different service providers, as well as overall savings.  Please contact us for more information.


The year to come.  The Buzz Brite Team would like to thank all of our customers for your trust. Our promise for 2016 is the same as always, that of delivering results. This coming year will be sure to bring many new improvements, as your cleaning needs vary.


Note to Account Payable Departments: Please continue to make cheques payable to “Buzz Brite Janitorial Services”. If there are any questions please email us at accounting@buzzbrite.ca. Thank you.