When walking into a commercial building like a lawyers office or mall, we are often welcomed with a shinny clean floor. It has become an expected characteristic of a professional building. But for building managers and owners, it can be a costly investment. After refinishing (waxing) a floor, Buzz Brite team members are often asked what is the best way to care for the finished product. Here are some suggestions that may help:

  • Sweep regularly. When people walk on dirt, they are literally sanding the surface. So even if you do not have time to mop, at least ensure to sweep always when needed.
  • The right floor soap. Some floor soaps are not intended for waxed floors. The most common safe soap to use is called “Neutral” floor cleaner, and is available in most commercial brands. Please read the instructions on the bottle before using any product.
  • A maintenance schedule. In the floor care industry there are two main refinishing techniques. A scrub-and-wax is a low-cost deep cleaning and re-coating of the traffic areas, while a strip-and-wax is a full restoration in which all the floor finish is removed and new sealer and wax is applied. Understandably a ‘scrub’ costs less than a ‘strip’. By having a custom maintenance schedule you will be able to touch up warn ares before they get too bad, and require a costly stripping-and-wax.

Buzz Brite is know of their custom floor care plans for both large stores and small businesses in the Armstrong, Vernon, Lake Country and Kelowna area. Please contact us for a no-obligation consultation.