Five stars rating sign in flat style. Vector illustration in EPS“Thank you to all our 2015 customers” – We can’t think of a better way to start this article. It pleases us to report that all our 2015 online reviews reflect a 5 star satisfaction with our janitorial services…all of them!

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We give credit to our loyal Kelowna and Vernon customers. The fact is that few companies give importance to supporting their service providers with reviews. Review requests often are left for later, and then forgotten. And this is understandable, since we all are busy at work. So thank you for taking the time to review our janitorial services.

Comments and reviews from our customers provides our team with motivation and guidance. It is an important tool to measure our quality of work. Even constructive criticism is valued, since it helps us pinpoint details to work on.

Have you received one of the following services from Buzz Brite Janitorial Services?

Then please continue giving us your feedback. Through our Google Business Page, we have facilitated the review process.

Reviewing our services is easy. Simply follow the 4 steps indicated in the following manual: How to post a review? Thanks to all our Kelowna and Vernon customers!