March 20th spring officially begins, marking the end of winter weather and the start of the green Okanagan landscape. For some though it means that spring cleaning has come around again.

We normally have a standard list of tasks like window cleaning, carpet cleaning, and dusting of light fixtures. While these are important, here are three tasks you may not have done in a while.

  1. (Go Bananas!) – House plants are a great natural air freshener, but if they aren’t dusted off and cleaned, they become molds and dusts collectors that may worsen allergies. So peel a banana and use the soft inside to dust, shine and freshen the foliage. It leaves behind a tropical scent!
  2. That old kitchen table – Do you have leather or wood items that could use a wipe with a restoration product? If you are getting your carpets cleaned, why not ask the them to give your upholstery a touch-up.
  3. Don’t paint, clean. – The walls are the largest surface area of our house, about 3 time more than your floor space. Instead of painting, why not wipe it down with a damp microfiber cloth. You may be surprised with the results.

Life is busy, we don’t want to spend it cleaning. So make a realistic list of spring cleaning jobs you would like to accomplish. Take it one at a time, splitting it up into multiple days. Soon enough you’ll be done and enjoying that camping trip you’ve been looking forward to.