When a building is newly constructed, it’s not like the builders are just going to leave behind a mess of dust, debris, spare nails, and random parts — cleaning up the mess is part of the job. However, every industry has its own professionals, and while we respect the hard work that construction workers put into post-construction cleanup, the reality is that their valuable skills would be better utilized doing other projects, while a professional cleaning team handles the mess.

The Advantages of a Professional Cleaning Service:

Construction Workers Aren’t Cleaners: Let’s start with the obvious — construction workers are first and foremost trained in construction, and cleaning teams are trained for cleaning. Like we mentioned earlier, we value the hard work they put into construction cleanup, but at the end of the day, a janitorial service is going to get all of the nitty-gritty details that people might miss if they’re not professionally trained in cleaning. Just like cleaning teams aren’t ideal choices for building structures, the skillsets of construction workers could be used in other areas that are more worthwhile. This is a win-win — the cleaning team will do a more comprehensive job, and the construction workers can use the time they would have spent cleaning to do jobs where their specific talents are needed and valuable.

Professional Cleaners Will Ensure That the Building is Completely Safe: Structurally, you don’t really have to worry about a new building falling down. Construction workers know what they’re doing, and structural integrity isn’t a problem. However, other safety concerns regarding cleanliness can be an issue if they’re not addressed by a professional cleaning team. There are untold amounts of dust in any construction project, and if not exhaustively cleaned by professionals, it can build up and create problems. People’s allergies can act up, those with asthma are more threatened, and the air will generally be less fresh.

Professional Cleaners Go Above and Beyond: Again, we respect the amount of work that construction workers put into cleanup. But when it comes down to it, they were hired to build, not to clean! Asking them to handle the entire cleanup job is like asking a restaurant chef to also be the waiter or busser. Sure, they might not be bad at it, but why not just hire somebody to take care of the other job, while the chef stays in the kitchen, doing what they do best? This improves efficiency in both areas. It’s the same way with construction crews and cleaning. They do a respectable job, yes, but everyone’s time is better spent if the job is delegated to a team who is more well-trained, while the construction workers move on to new projects.

With that in mind, it’s important to consider how thorough a professional janitorial service is. At Buzz Brite, all of the following jobs are included in our post construction cleanup services:

  • Waste Removal
  • Yard Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
  • Cleanup of Surfaces
  • Floor Cleaning
  • High dusting
  • Post Renovation Cleanup

Construction Site Cleaning in Kelowna, BC

Overall, hiring a professional cleaning service will be well-worth your money when it comes to construction cleaning jobs. At Buzz Brite Commercial Cleaning Solutions, we’ve carried out more post construction cleaning jobs than we can count, and we love seeing the smiles on our Kelowna clients’ faces when they realize how much of a difference it made. Do you need a cleaning crew to help you with construction site cleaning? Got a new renovation? Contact us today!