As you would expect, not all kinds of flooring require the same care and maintenance. Terms like ‘buffing’, ‘sealing’ and ‘waxing’ are commonly used to refer to restoring hard floors to their original cleanliness and shine. Did you know that those three terms mean very different things and not all floors can be treated with these services? Here is the short answer to the question:
Here is a quick answer that might help:
  • Most commercial vinyl and linoleum flooring is designed to be sealed and waxed between 1 to 4 times a year depending on the foot traffic and regular general cleaning procedures.
  • Residential vinyl and linoleum flooring is usually already coated with a protectant layer from the factory and should not be sealed or waxed until this coating has been damaged through the years. In some cases residential tile will not allow for sealer or wax to adhere to it meaning that after it has been damaged there would be few options to restore the surface.
  • Most Ceramic and Porcelain Tile require sealer to be applied after installation. The sealant can wear off gradually. For this reason home owners may need to reseal their floors once every 5 years and high traffic commercial buildings once a year. This kind of flooring should not be waxed. In the longer explanation below we explain why.
To better understand how your flooring should be cared for it is valuable to understand what these cleaning procedures refer to.
  • Buffing (also known as burnishing) is a low cost restoration process which simply involves using a large heavy machine called a ‘Burnisher’, to pass a high-speed soft pad over a clean floor. The pressure and speed of the pad shines up the surface that may have been scuffed by shoes and general traffic. Buffing only works on floor care products like sealer or wax, not bare floor.
  • Floor Wax is the most commonly known floor care product. The ‘wax’ (Polyurethane finish) has the always loved shinny wet-like look. Additionally the coat of wax will provide a protection to deep scratches and stains from daily use.
  • Floor Sealer is a clear very low-shine coating that is often applied on bare flooring. It’s primary purpose is to protect the floor below from dirt and liquid stains from soaking into the floor. Sealer is often applied before wax is applied on a new floor. Sealer should never be applied on-top of any other floor care product, only bare flooring.
Now that we know what we are talking about, it is much easier to know what service would apply for each type of flooring. As a general rule the first step is always to check the manufactures instruction for proper care before deciding on an option. Did this help? If you have other questions regarding professional floor care services in Vernon, Kelowna, Penticton and Kamloops please do not hesitate to call us or Request a Call-Back.