Everyone would agree: Shiny floors look great year-round. Retail store owners and office building managers know the condition of their floors can impress and attract potential customers. But the opposite can also be said of scratched and stained floors. The question is, when is best time to wax your floors?

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To answer that question, it is important to understand why floors need waxed. People wax Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT) to get a shiny clean look. But many are unaware that the floor finish (commonly called wax) also protects the VCT from permanent damage. This is the reason why a floor that looks scratched and stained can be restored to its original condition. The wax serves as a protective barrier that will allow the VCT to last for decades, if cared for correctly (Learn more about VCT floors). With this in mind, we could phrase our question differently: When is the best time to apply a new protective barrier of wax on your floors?

Each floor has different traffic and use. So here are some details to consider:

  • Low traffic floors should be waxed at least once a year. While some areas of the floor possibly still look nice, common wear areas like under desk chairs and main entrances probably will need attention.
  • Medium traffic floors many need waxed a few times a year. Ideal moments would be in the fall and spring. Recoating the tile floors before the winter will protect them from damaging salt and sand that will be tracked in from the roads. And spring waxing will bring the floors back to their shiny, clean look for most of the rest of the year.
  • High traffic floors, like supermarkets and big stores, will probably need more regular floor care. The schedule may not depend on the season but require a set regularity year-round. Still, store managers would be wise to monitor if their current regularity is optimal. Their janitorial company should also provide them with their professional opinion.

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