Cleaning is one of the oldest industries, as it has always be a need and always will be. Are industries like cleaning able to upgrade from its traditional tools? Yes, and at Buzz Brite we are constantly innovating and looking for better ways to clean. Here are three ways we are using the most of technology:

  1. Crew GPS tracking. Thanks to a scheduling and tracking program our Team Leaders and Managers are able stay on top of each projects progress and provide assistance when needed. Each Team Member is provided with a mobile app in which they too are able to know where their workmates are located and which building they are servicing. Other features like schedule synchronisation and time sheet entry makes everyone life easier.

    Dispatch view of tracking software
  2. Never a lost key. We have been entrusted with access to many of our customers buildings. Many of these are office buildings and other kinds of commercial buildings that need to be kept secure at all times. To avoid loosing keys, we have put in place a checkout process that allows authorised Team Members know who checked out the keys and if they have been returned. Also all keys have GPS trackers that would help find the keys if every lost. Some of our security policies are simple in nature but important. For example, never do we put the name of the building on a key, but instead an internal building number. So if someone unauthorised would get hold of the key they would have no idea what door it opens.  Understandably, some security aspects are not mentioned in this article to ensure the integrity of our process. If you wish more information about how your access codes are kept safe, please contact us directly.
  3. Instant Quoting. Time is the most valuable asset for most. When running a business, it is appreciated to finding a cleaning company that makes the quoting process quick and painless. For this reason, we have launched a beta feature to our website that allows for instant quoting for some floor care services (check out our new Instant Quote feature). For the next few months we will be receiving feedback from the information processed and make it even more user-friendly and accurate. This will allow us to give our customers to option to process almost all their quotes instantly. This feature will not take away to face-to-face aspect of our service, but instead compliment it for those that wish information after-hours.

As you can see, there is always room to add new technology and innovations to a cleaning service. At Buzz Brite we are always asking our selves ‘is there a better way?’ Please stay in-touch to learn of more improvements as they are implemented.